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Jason Woo, AAL, LLLC, represents some of the best real estate professionals and businesses in Hawaii. This firm offers full services in its practice areas assisting its clients with both transactional and litigation matters as needed, whether it's making sure your transaction closes, forming the right business entity, assisting with problem tenants, garnishing wages, or fighting for your rights in a court of law. We are here for you. 

This law firm is absolutely committed to providing its clients with the best that a modern practice has to offer at the highest level of integrity. Our clients understand that hard work, professionalism and experience can produce the best results for their legal needs. We strive to provide our clients with value and efficiency in every aspect of our practice. 

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Areas of Practice

Residential landlord tenant law 

Exclusively representing landlords in residential landlord tenant law matters. We assist with evictions and collections so our property managers and landlords can get on with the business of managing their properties instead of dealing with the courts. We also provide full services to review, update, and improve rental agreements, property management agreements, addendums, or any other forms, notices and disclosures. 

Accommodation recording services

Outside of the usual purchase and escrow transaction process and after you've closed on your new home or property, you may need to convey it to a trust, business entity, or add a family member on to title. Whatever the case may be, we offer competitive flat rates that include GET and all recording fees. We strive to provide you with an easy and cost efficient option for all your recording needs. 

COmmercial Landlord Tenant Law

Currently representing both tenants and landlords with commercial leases; reviewing and revising leases, negotiating or litigating disputes, and helping our clients navigate the leasing process from an informed position.

We help you understand what your rights and responsibilities are. 

Business Formation & Support services

There are many reasons to form a business entity, to mitigate risks, to take advantage of tax savings, to hold real estate, or silo off potential catastrophic liabilities. Whatever the reason, we can help you form a robust and comprehensive entity tailored to your needs. 

We also provide ongoing support for your business in the areas of contract law, employment law, collections, and general guidance to protect you and your investments. With a deep network within the business community, we can also help your business connect with the right people. 

Conveyance document preparation

Working with realtors and escrow officers to close their transactions. Whether it's a simple deed, encroachment agreement, or Special Power of Attorney, we can prepare exactly what you need, as fast as you need it, and at a competitive price. If the transaction doesn't close, no worries; our fees are waived if the transaction fails to close for whatever reason. Please contact us today for a comprehensive fee schedule for all rates, terms and conditions. 

General Civil litigation

While reliable and knowledgeable legal representation from the start is the best way to avoid costly litigation, disputes will arise from time to time. Let us take on the burdens of navigating a lawsuit so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Rest assured that this law firm has the trial and litigation experience to handle the most difficult cases and obtain the most cost effective result. 


In seeking a lawyer, you are looking for an advocate, an expert advisor on the law and on your rights and responsibilities, a strategist, a negotiator, and a litigator
— Laura Wasser


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